Thursday, November 1, 2018

Kim Carlsberg UFO & Alien Abduction Incident by Extraterrestrials with Grey Hybrids - FindingUFO

Kim Carlsberg UFO & Alien Abduction Incident with Grey Hybrids. ➨ ALL-IN-ONE (PLAYLIST): ➨ RECOMMENDED VIDEO: ➨ Subscribe To The Backup Channel: ⇩⇩ READ THE DESCRIPTION ⇩⇩ ----------------------------------------­------------------ It is Carlsberg’s belief that the goal of the Greys is to create grey-human hybrids. Although she is of the belief that the purpose of such a project is nobler than many think. She would state recently that she believes they will integrate the hybrids into our world to help save it. She would continue that it is her belief they have been here forever. And this is just one more upgrade similar to when Neanderthals and Humans existed at the same time. As outrageous as this sounds, it is a claim that has been repeated, more or less intact, by many women worldwide. And while some of those claims echo a more positive outlook of the end-goal, many of them are anything but. Some researchers suggest that some of the “positive” abduction cases are the result of a successful mind-shield. One that should the abductee remember the events, their perception is one of positivity as opposed to terror. • READ MORE: ⇩⇩ INTERESTING TO WATCH ⇩⇩ ----------------------------------------­------------------ ► Steve Andrews UFO Encounter & Alien Abduction Incident in 1978 ► Lynda Jones & her Children UFO Encounter with Missing Time ► The Many UFO & Alien Abduction Incidents by Jesse Long ⇩⇩ VIDEO PLAYLISTS ⇩⇩ ----------------------------------------­------------------ ALL-IN-ONE → UFO & ALIEN NEWS → AREA 51 → GOOGLE EARTH SECRETS → INTERVIEWS & DOCUMENTARIES → UFOs in SPACE → ⇩⇩ SOCIAL MEDIA ⇩⇩ ----------------------------------------­------------------ TWITTER → FACEBOOK → GOOGLE+ → WEBSITE → ⇩⇩ CONTACT & COPYRIGHTS ⇩⇩ ----------------------------------------­------------------ You can contact us for any questions (by example: using one of our uploads for your website or YT-channel) or to submit a sighting on this channel. Contact us thru email at: If you noticed a video that violates your COPYRIGHTS, then please inform us and we will DELETE it. Most of the videos we receive thru email from submitters, so it's not always easy to check on COPYRIGHTS or the RIGHT OWNER. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain and falls under Fair Use for commentary/research/news reporting purposes under current copyright rules.