Wednesday, October 3, 2018

😨Update#4 Experiment #2  Code Name Samara and Code Name Azabache

Updated And Revised Video Of Code Name: Azabache🤤 Update #4🤤 (This Cat Is Dangerous Do Not Approach) Update: This Cat Has Six Eyes🤤 Plus Unconfirmed Reports Of The The Alert System That Went Off Today. Unconfirmed Report Suggest That The Alert System Is To Notify About The Possibility Of An Opening Of Portal By Code Name: Samara and Code Name: Azabache. This Information Is Not Confirmed. But A Break In In A Severed Limb Facility In An Undisclosed Location Where All Limbs Went Missing (Gone) And Strands Of Hair Of Both Code Name: Samara and Code Name: Azabache. Were Found Suggest Otherwise... 🤤Scientists Are Afraid To Confirm That There Is A Possibility That Code Name: Samara Is In Possession Of These Severed Limbs For A Dark Purpose. By Advanced Tracking Equipment Scientists Specialized In This Experiment Have Confirmed That The Limbs Are Not In This Dimension🤤 "We Are Not Sure What Code Name: Samara Is Going To Do With The Severed Limbs" A Scientists Quoted. All Updates Will Be Posted In This Address: 🤤 A Recap Of Experiment #2 So You Can Follow Current Events🤤 Recap Of Experiment #2: The Most Horrible Story Based On True Events... The year 2016, the month November, The Laboratory: Advanced DNA Severed Limb Facility. The subject a little orphan girl raised the same way as movie character Samara Morgan and murdered the same way. Thru advanced necromancy ritual thru a high level necromancer she was brought to life and as a precautionary step she was to be teleported to undisclosed target location. After reanimation subject code name:Samara was showing signs of distress, histeria and became erratic. She was presented with a reanimated black cat code name: Azabache with made her more at ease before countdown which immediately began for teleport procedures. But something went horribly wrong in the teleport capsule just before transmission and afterwards when teleport scientist realized that wrong coordinates were inputted. And both subjects were teleported to the spiritual realm. What Scientists are beginning to understand is that both subjects acquired powers beyond our understanding and are opening and closing portals in both the spiritual realm, earth realm and dimensions. This opening and closing of portals manifested thru the display of weird multiple lightning phenomena. The girl no longer needs a teleport capsule. She is portal sensitive and showing signs of aggressiveness by the way she opens and closes the portals😨

The cat is believe to be with her at all times.