Sunday, October 14, 2018

U.F.O. Captured on GoPro KARMA Drone. NOT Clickbait.

Unidentified Flying Object (U.F.O.) captured on GoPro KARMA drone. Please share, NO COPYRIGHT. original video: Filmed 24 June 2017 at 7:55 PM. Location Clymer, New York, USA, west New York state, approx. 25 miles east of Lake Erie, near the PA/NY border. Because of computer issues I have not been able to use my laptop, I have since corrected the issues, and so far, everything is working. This allows me to share the videos I was working on in spring of this year (2018) before the computer failed. This was one of the videos I was working on... I do NOT show this video to scare or cause fear, rather this is more about honesty. My only goal is honesty, and I have debated how to share this (I talk and show it briefly in previous drone videos) but this IS by "definition" an Unidentified Flying Object, hence, U.F.O., but I would bet this is something we humans made... It appears to me, to be a mini fighter jet of some kind... because I am filming ABOVE the object (approx. 1300ft) I think this is WHY we see it, I would guess it has a mirror or some holographic undercarriage to make it invisible to us at the ground level... AND this object had ZERO sound, it appears to be flying above MACH levels, which would mean sonic boom level speeds, but SILENCE, and oddly... that object was the FIRST thing I seen when I went to edit this video. I was recording sunset, like I normally do, trying to capture the perfect cloud free sunset, instead I filmed this U.F.O. I give this video to everyone, we ALL deserve to know and see what we are capable of... (without doing harm of course) and I think this helps prove we should stop thinking we know everything, because... we really dont, Ive accepted this :-) Please Share and stay positive, it's better to know than not, its better to see a problem than ignore, and truth is ALWAYS better than lies. Music of Stranger Things remix called "Stranger Think" by C418, more here: -be well