Sunday, October 14, 2018

Confirmed! Nano UFO's are observing our globe - HD UFO Footage

Yo yo yo, welcome to UFO Today and today we have a very interesting video for you. This footage was recorded in 2017 but the owner of the footage only released it today. The footage was shot with a Go Pro Karma drone and the footage is in HD. The video was shot in Clymer, New York in the United States of America. The owner decided to launch the drone to shoot some footage of beautiful nature surrounding his home where he used to live back then. The drone reaches a certain height and it is than when the drone suddenly captures a fast flying UFO. This object is flying by at an incredible speed. No known object of that size can fly that fast with the current technology available. The object itself looks like a small ball that moves at an incredible fast speed. It’s very difficult to judge how fast this object was flying but if we look at the distance it passes in the second it was captured on camera we can assume this object was flying at supersonic speed. The object itself looks to small to contain any “pilots” of any kind, although we can not be sure. This object is moving in a straight line as if it was scanning the surroundings. In earlier video’s we talking about these very small objects moving at incredible speeds, but it’s still a mystery what these objects are. This wasn’t the first time this type of UFO was recorded with a drone camera. In 2016 a very similar object was recorded with a drone and the object was also flying at an incredible speed, probably supersonic as you see right here. This object looks very similar to the one captured in camera in 2017. These types of objects have also been captured nearby new cropcircles as seen in this short video scene. The orb is seen flying above a crop field and it seems to form the mysterious crop circle. After the formation of these crop circles the object is being recorded on camera again. It looks like this object wants to be noticed. In 2013 a professional camera crew was flying a drone over the Waddeneilanden in the Netherlands when they suddenly captured a very similar object flying by at nearly impossible speeds. The object resembles the orbs from the earlier video’s so it seems these objects are here with a mission and they are carrying it our right under our noses. The real question is what their mission is? Are these objects recording everything we do? Do they map our globe are are they just on their way for the next mission. One thing is clear, these objects have an agenda, and we don’t know what it is. Could these objects be manmade? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to leave a like and to subscribe to the channel. Intergalactic peace! Bey! Thanks to Jared Moody for letting me use his footage. Check out his orginal video: Infinite Perspective of Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-licence ( Source: Artist: